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Here are the terms and conditions that will tell you what to do and what not to do while using our website. When you visit our website, you will find that there is a pop-up coming up on the home page of the website that you have to agree with the terms and conditions of before you are permitted to use our website.

Read this whole terms and conditions be carefully because it contains some useful information’s that you take step by step to operates this website.

Cookie policy regarding the website

Our Cookie Policy now includes new functionality to help visitors and customers navigate our website more quickly. We may send information to your computer's memory when you log on to our website or use multiple spectrums of key features.


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Limited Liability

The flightingdeals.com website is virtually and inversely connected with the hyperlinks of the other website. We advise you to use this website at your own risk. If any loss occurs to your data or any mishappening occurs, then flightingdeals.com is not responsible for any loss.


If there is something you can make your data safe or cause any harm,liable , damage,







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These are some of the restrictions that you probably have to follow while operating our website.

Posting any website material in any media

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By opting for this website in any other way that impacts the user’s access to this website

The flightingdeals.com it’s a sole discretion ,terminate or suspend your access to all part of the flightingdealss.com In the event this agreement is terminated , the restrictions regarding material visible on the site and the representations and warranties indemnities and limitation of responsibility set forth in this agreement shall survive any such terminations.

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